150+ of Australia’s best healthy dinner recipes

Whether you’re on the hunt for healthy recipes to aid weight loss or just in the need for quick, easy main meals, you’ve come to the right place. Introducing Australia’s best healthy recipes for dinner.  With plenty of speedy options, as well as vegetarian and budget-friendly ideas, we’ve got you covered. Supplement with healthy breakfasts, healthy lunches and healthy snacks and you’re well on your way to achieving your goals. According to taste.com.au’s nutrition expert Chrissy Freer, dinners that are good for losing weight are those that are under 400 calories, but they also need to fill you up and be easy to make, so you don’t get disheartened in the long one. If there’s one dish Chrissy would say is the healthiest meal you can make, it would be her Rainbow power salad. According to Chrissy: “It’s packed full of wholefoods, it’s packed full of vegies, it’s got the vibrancy of blueberries, and it has chickpeas for plant-based protein. It’s super yummy and it really nourishes you, so it ticks all the boxes.” Looking for more? Try our Healthy dinner recipes to lose weight or our healthy dinner recipes for 2.

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